Publishing the Academic Journal
Instruction on how to run an academic journal is virtually nonexistent. I used to teach academic journal publishing workshops to graduate students, faculty members, and university staff. If you were starting a journal, or struggling to keep an existing journal afloat, these workshops were helpful.
     For more information on my academic journal publishing workshops, as well as advice on working with freelancers and printers, see the links on the left.
     For more information on creating online academic journals, please see an article entitled "Initiating and Editing an Online Professional Refereed Journal," which includes "Fourteen Recommendations to Editors of Online Refereed Journals," in JEP: The Journal of Electronic Publishing.
     If you are interested in learning more about journal submission guidelines or the journal submission process, you may want to check out the web page of the academic journal I managed for eleven years:
Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies