Many editors of academic journals pay too much for printing. The following are three printers who are particularly good at inexpensively printing academic journals with small print runs (2,000 or less). Please note that it is not necessary to live or work near your printer. I have worked for many years with the first printer on the list, which is in Michigan. All printers now have websites where you can request a bid on the cost of printing your journal.
McNaughton and Gunn
BookMasters, Inc.

It is important, when hiring a freelancer to work on the design or production of your journal, to find someone with experience in laying out books. Many graphic designers do not know how to lay out a book or journal, which is quite different from laying out an advertisement, brochure, or magazine. You will often do better with freelancers who are typesetters or book producers than with graphic designers. The same is true for copyeditors. It is best to hire someone familiar with copyediting books or journals rather than newspapers or newsletters.

Finding a Freelance Copyeditor

I no longer respond to queries asking for the names of freelancers. Please see the independent websites on these issues.